Adult Community Groups

Here at Praise Fullerton we several adult community groups throughout

orange county where you can come and build healthy relationships.

In Genesis 2:18 "The Lord God said, "It is not good for man to be alone..."  

This simply means that man is not fully fulfilled or complete outside of healthy relationships.


Contact one of the adult groups below and make the connection.
Or if you like visit a new one each week until you find one you truly feel comfortable in.

Jose & Veronica Escatel

13726 Milton Ave.

Westminster, CA

(714) 4152-24387

Rosa Garcia 

3411 W. Orange Ave.

Anaheim, CA

(714) 232-1088 / (714) 623-3257

Fernando & Trina Dominguez
9662 Maureen Dr. #1. 

Garden Grove, CA

(714) 640-0315


Leo & Noemi Espinoza

8731 Marina Way.

Garden Grove, CA

(714) 412-2438

Manuel & Rayleen Tafoya

2328 Conejo Lane. 

Fullerton, CA

(714) 615-4770

Jessie & Michelle Raya

Costa Mesa, CA

(714) 878-6444